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Helpful Things that will make your life Easier!!

1. Red Stickers / dots from Staples or any Office supply store, even Stop and Shop has 'em.  RED means NO (not for sale).. lets you prioritize and makes it less confusing for everybody

2. Designate a space for your own Sanity!!  You will be crazed, so make sure you have at least one room that is OFF LIMITS to everybody but you.  If you can, have a 2nd space that you can put your more important KEEP items so that you're not stressing about the whereabouts and safety of said items.  Furniture can always be covered up and used as surface "Display" space, but small items can be missplaced or worse, sold inadvertantly.  

3. Boxes help you organize your KEEP piles, and you can get them at the Liquor stores or even the Post Office, but you have to tell the post office people that you need the boxes for bulk mailings, and bring them back when you're done using them, otherwise they will get cranky!! :)

4. Trust the Professionals that you HIRE!  You are an intelligent person going thru enough agida to turn Mother Theresa into Jack the Ripper, so don't second guess yourself!!  

  • Trust yourself enough to know that you're doing the right thing. 
  • Understand that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the train! 
  • And if all else fails, turn off the cell phone and take a bath!

Zen Pig

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