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"Why can't I do my own sale???"


Seems like everybody and their mother is on the internet these days... and everybody thinks they're an expert because of this, after all, how hard can it be to do a garage sale??!


News Flash:  Just because you have a Smart Phone or a Tablet, that doesn't mean you have the knowledge or time to do what it takes!  That's why you need a professional to run your sale.  


We bring advertising skills, professional photographs, competitive pricing and a huge group of hungry buyers (2000+) together in a controlled + organized fashion that maximizes your profits and minimizes your agida. 


Points to ponder...


  • A lot of folks are jumping on the band wagon, seeing this industry as a source of easy money and no rules.  Many of the Tag Salers that proport to have gaggles of clients have purchased those customer lists on the internet thru spam companies and other non-compliant sources.  All of our customers (2230 of them, many have been with us several years) have 'opted in' on our list, meaning that they have emailed us and ASKED to be added to our customer base so that they can receive notifications of all of our sales, each week, like clock work!


  • Photos can make or break a sale... This day and age, folks want to see what's for sale before they schlepp out there, especially with so many sales out there.  


                            Would you rather go to see this

By the way, these are real photos currently up on not trying to target any particular company.. please don't take offense!

OR would you be more interested in going HERE??

Don't get me wrong... there are some very well established knowledgeable folks out there that have been doing this for several years, just like us.  Do your homework, look at previous sales, go to a current sale if you have time, and look at their references and web sites!  Hope to hear from you!  -vP

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