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​YOU are responsible for providing the following:
⁃ Proof of Ownership of property or POA (if divorce or estate we require documentation)
⁃ Proof of Ownership of premises or POA (same as above)
⁃ Proof of Insurance on home
⁃ Advertising costs (Newspaper ard $85-$125) 
⁃ Removal of personal property and distribution of family items Before setup
⁃ Access to house (key or garage code)


VINYLPIGGY'S LLC is responsible for the following:

⁃ Set Up and Display of For Sale items usually 1 week before the date of sale
⁃ Supervising and Organizing overall sale, and supplying professionals to securely conduct the sale in you home before and during the sale
⁃ Pricing, based on Fair Market Value utilizing online sources and finalized auctions, guidebooks etc., and final Acceptance or Rejection of Bids, as well as ensuring the safe removal of items from the home, and security of the property.
⁃ Report for sold items within 15 days of sale  (anything that sells for over $100 is individually itemized, anything less than $100 is put into categories so that you can easily understand what sold) 
- Optional cleanout  of unsold items at Client's expense. 


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