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Hi!  I put #'s out about an hour before the sale starts.  If house is normal size,

I'll probably let in about 10-15 people in at a time. 

If you're not there when we call your number,

you go to  the back of the line.  


PS I DO NOT PUT #'s out before the day of sale,

either on line or at the house.  

I do this every week, and don't have time for DRAMA so please play nicely!  


If you don't know how to count, or

can't respect the other people on line,





General Rule of Thumb: 

Usually what happens is people show up early,

and they start a list.  When I come out with numbers,

I'll honor the list and give out numbers per the list


this is not an opportunity to go get coffee

(unless it's for me!)  

If you're not there when I bring out numbers

(about an hour before the sale),

you go to the back of the line and start over, sorry.




PS.. Asthma Bites!!  I know, I have it.  


If I say the house is dusty,

it's not because I'm complaining,

I just want to make sure you bring your inhalers!!  



It is what it is, and we choose this road! :) -vP


More Questions and Answers:  


**  If you have a question about a particular item,

please CALL ME or TEXT me

at  551 804 7152 for fastest results.  

If you email me I may not see it for a day or two.


***  "Quickie Sales" are usually in the middle of the week

(Tuesday or Thursday), usually ONE DAY ONLY, and usually

offered to my 'private' list of 2200 customers, 

no paper adverts.  Why do I do Quickie sales??


1. GOTTA GET IT DONE now, make it ALL go away 

2. Lots of AFFORDABLE STUFF sold in a few hours

3. Limited Window of OPPORTUNITY to


I've been asked how Numbers work... Here's the plan:







I am NOT a babysitting service!


  • 1. Please do not bring your CHILDREN, SPOUSES, ANIMALS, or ITEMS to me expecting me to "Just WATCH" them!  NO NO NO!

Recently, we had a lady who left her infant in a stroller and told my worker to "Watch" her child, and promptly took off to find 'Treasures' in the house. I had to find her and explain to her NO NO NO! If you are that preoccupied with STUFF that you abandon your child to total strangers, please DON'T COME TO MY SALE!


  • 2. If you have piles of Stuff that you are collecting, find a place  out of the way, under furniture, or in a corner, and ASK me for a paper that says "SOLD" on it, don't just dump it on my desk or under my feet and go off looking for more things! And PLEASE  Do NOT put things in "your" pile on the chance that you "might want them if the price is right", it's not fair to the other buyers who would buy the items for the asking price!


Alrighty then.  All kinda sensible, practical things, but sometimes people just aren't!!

IF you buy it, it's yours.  I AM NOT MACY's Department Store. NO RETURNS!

Attn Clients:

PS If we find something of value in your home during our setup, it's all yours, cash, bonds, or checks!! Please feel free to express your gratitude in a reasonable Finder's Fee. My people work very hard for a nominal hourly wage, and their honesty does them credit, so it's nice to give them an extra $Thank you$ -N


PPS I am a SELLING Service, not a FINDING Service! What we find in your home, we are under contract to sell and get paid a commission! Please don't wait for us to spend hours and days in your home Digging and Setting up (on my nickle) and then expect to come in and take whatever you want. It doesn't happen that way.  Unless you specify that it's not for sale at time of contract, I will do my utmost to SELL it!  Having said that, if it's personal or of great import to you and your family, we'll work it out.  I just don't like surprises or DRAMA!  :)

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