oh my... 

When? In the next few weeks...

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OK so there's a nasty NO NO NO virus that's managed to come into our country unannounced, unwanted, and, at the moment, untreatable. Nothing will change it, but just be diligent, and use common sense.  If you are sneezy or wheezy, God Bless and stay at home.

 If you see something you can't live without, just text me.  

Do NOT put yourself or others at risk if you are not feeling up to snuff...  

Be Well, Be safe, NO HUGS, and hopefully we'll all get thru this.  

 We've gotten good feedback on how we're running our current sales, both from clients / home owners and customers... the clients appreciate the safety precautions that we are doing, and the customers are ecstatic that they can still do what they love, carefully, one customer said

It was like having my own private showing!  

2 people, every 15 minutes, makes for more work and longer hours for me but it gets it done!  

What? All sorts of goodies

Where?  To be announced

But wait, there's even more!


we sell Cars!




but wait there's more!!!