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vP's Claim to Fame...

With the exception of my ON LINE Contacts, my Incoming Business is Totally based on Word of Mouth and Referrals, so I am totally reliant upon my Clients for the continuation and prosperity of my Company.  Without you, I would be just another Oddly Named, sitting around twiddling my thumbs and collecting un-employment.  So, Thank you!!  As Fawlty Towers said in one of his episodes, "Ah, another Satisfied Customer... I should have 'em STUFFED!!"  :)  Thank you to Ann for her support and Guidance, and Thank you to our loyal Customers who brave the wild weather and crazy traffic to come and see us every week!!  

Here are some Thank you notes from previous Clients.. Please send me any suggestions or kind words;  they are very much appreciated!!   (this page is still being updated... please come back soon!)

My little piglet!!


And a side note....   I now have my own separate account on ESTATESALES.NET instead of piggybacking onto Ann Scherring's ES site!!  As Ann graciously put it, 


"Norah Nelson of Vinylpiggy's Estate and Moving Sales is a good friend and has been a business associate of mine for several years.  Her Tag sale business has grown in conjunction with mine, and we have many of the same wonderful (faithful) customers!  Because of our combined growth and huge customer base, I'm happy to announce that Norah (aka vP) now has her Own account with, and will be advertising her sales separately from ours!  This will give each of us a bit more individuality in our ads, and allow Norah to expand her business into her own space.  

We think this will be mutually beneficial and will probably lead to more business and more customers, and we all look forward to a busy and productive year ahead!"


And to our over 2000 strong loyal customers that come trooping out to all of our sales every week, don't worry, you'll still be getting all the notifications since Ann and Vinylpiggy are still sharing the same customer base!!  See you all soon!


Btw, lots of positive reactions to my 'emancipation' (!), and here's what one of my good customers had to say:


Congratulation Norah,


You truly deserve it. You always do a good Job!

Jorge and Ana wishing you the best always but most of all we wish you

God always guide you and protect on your path & Business.

Love you Ana


Thank you everybody!!!  xxxn

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 9.10.35 PM.png

Recent kind words from a Buyer on first week of COVID-19 outbreak:



Thank for providing  safety and all the precaution you could to us, your clients, to enjoy your sale. 

Once again thank you for thinking about us. We had fun shopping 

Be safe pls and we love you!

Vinylpiggy’s new normal:

Be Safe, Be Calm!

We’re hoping to minimize close interaction for obvious reasons. I miss my hugs and kisses, but please let’s all give ourselves space for now.  

If you are feeling at all sick Do Not Come..  stay at home and get well.   

We will have disinfectant spray and paper towels, please bring your own gloves as we are low on those. My workers have worn gloves during set up (they always do since they are germafobes), and I will be wearing gloves to handle the money.  Doors will be open wherever possible to maximize air flow and minimize touching.  Checks and Venmo are good, and exact change will get you a discount.

Practice safe Social distancing!

If there is something you need or can't do without, just text me so that I can have it ready for you.  Less wandering, less touching, quicker visit makes for safer interactions. 

Remember, gloves just spread germs around.. as a Nurse told me, you have to wash your gloves too, don't just assume gloves make you impervious.  

And Help each other!  I have extra cans, supplies, and staples like water and towels in my garage, so that my older friends can come pick up what they need instead of going to the grocery stores.  

One day I'll be old, and I hope someone will care enough about me to do the same!

IMG_F322B822137D-1 2.jpeg

We did this condominium as a private sale in Feb 2015, inbetween the snowfalls, no advertisements except for my 2000+ email customers, and with "cranky neighbors"... the neighbors came and bought furniture, and it was a great success!! 

The client wrote: 


Thank you so much for your efforts with  Mom’s estate sale.  I had no idea or expectations with regard to how this transaction would work but your confidence and expertise made me trust you and immediately put me at ease.

Your knowledge and contacts within the business, honesty with regard to value , dedication,  and swift execution was  a blessing for us. 

Plus …  you were fun to work with! 

Be well friend! 



Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 7.18.41 PM.png
Fort Lee Sale 1/2020:
Nora I just wanted thank you for what you did for my mom and myself. I couldn't  have asked for a better person to handle our sale. You were thorough honest and just amazing. I've been around the antique business most of my life but you still blew my mind. If someone does a house sale and doesn't call you they must be crazy. On top of that your just a great person with a great heart. I won't forget how much you helped us. Your estate sale quality's  are second to none. I hope your enjoying my grandmother's little table. It couldn't have gone to a nicer person. Thanks again and I will recommend to anyone who ever needs a sale. I'm going to see my friend on Monday I'll remind her how amazing you were. Thanks again your friend Chris
Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 7.19.20 PM.png


On Jun 21, 2014, at 7:38 PM, "gwen smyth" wrote:


I would like to congratulate Norah Nelson and her VinylPiggy Team on a job well done. Norah conducted my moving sale in an extremely professional and efficient manner making the experience stress free. From the setup to cleanup she was involved every step of the way. Most importantly Norah is RELIABLE....she shows up when she is supposed to, sets a schedule and sticks with it, and delivers what she promises. I wholeheartedly recommend her. -Gwen Smyth


Thanks and good luck to you and your family, Gwen!



Thank you from Kristin :


Thanks again for all the hard work on Tue/Wed. We couldnt have done it without your past commitment to excellence so that customers would show up hours after receiving your notification, on a weekday no less! The buyer arrived way ahead of schedule to take apart the dining room table. Kudos to you and your wonderful team!

Blessings!  -K

We just did this one!!  Went 7pm the night before, as soon as I got the call, and was there 6:30 the next morning pricing and setting up, and with the owner's daughter's help (!!), we put it together and sold everything in one day! Oh my!!

7/13 + 7/14

Lovely family from Haiti, moving to Florida after having been in their house in Teaneck for over 50 years... wow!




         It was a such a pleasure meeting you. You're a true professional in what you do in estate and moving sales. You sat with us before and after the event and explained step by step how things work in our interest.

        Special thanks for the sale of our piano.  Wow! We tried so many ways to do it ourselves without success.  But as soon as you got involved, we got our wish and got good money for for it.

        Merci encore!  Bonne chance!  Nos voeux les meilleurs pour encore de nombreuses années de bon travail.






Another Happy customer!!   This one was in Saddle Brook, just a small house with 'Stuff', and the lady texted me a very gracious referral letter!  Thank you, Sally!!!

Here is my recommendation: If you are overwhelmed by the thought of an estate sale, I recommend you contact Norah. She brings organization and efficiency to this daunting task. Norah's prompt action translates to quickly listing the house for sale. Three weeks after the estate sale conducted by Norah, I have a signed contract on the house**. You can feel your stress melt away as Norah plans the sale, sends in her team to set up, surmounts the obstacles such as town permits, and makes it all happen quickly.

Norah provides a realistic approach at the initial meeting, which ensures there are no surprises at the end. I was pleased with Norah's work because she delivers results on time and exactly as promised. In addition, her empathy as she moves through the process moves the client from inertia to productive action. -Sally

** PS The Real Estate Lady referred me on this one, and it's her expertise that sold the house as quickly as she did!!  "Great job Molla!" vP

Happy Referral from Patti of Park Ridge 11/2013


Norah and her crew of VinylPiggy's Estate and Moving Sales did a fantastic job of selling my uncle's house full of memories of 50 years. What I appreciate was the personal touch of initially meeting Norah, sitting and talking with her, and having her respectfully going around the house with me to survey everything. She is cheerful, energetic and just plain nice to work with. Norah made it easy for me to leave, knowing and trusting the job would be done well. And it was. The consistent communication was appreciated up until the sales were all completed. 

Thank you Norah. 


And as a side note, Johnny USA cleanup came in after Norah was done and did a great job of clearing, hauling and dumping all that was left. Thank you.



Patti's house Before...

Patti's house After...


(Teaneck Sale 9/29/2013)


This past week, Norah Nelson conducted a sale of various items that my deceased uncle had accumulated at his home in Teaneck, New Jersey, 87 Jasper Avenue, over a period of almost 60 years. The sale of these items was conducted in conjunction with the sale of my uncle’s home 5 months after his death. Norah was a consummate professional in every respect, explaining each aspect of the sale and taking special consideration for the unique circumstances of the residents, those being my cousin, a 64 year old developmentally disabled man and his caregiver. 

Norah was particularly sensitive to their needs and worked very closely with them to ensure that this sale was conducted with the utmost efficiency and compassion. Even though many of the items had limited value, Norah was able to obtain some funds to assist in the continued care of my cousin. 

I highly recommend Norah and her company to conduct sales of personal property.

Very truly yours,


Robert I. Brown

Thank you Robert... you reminded us why we do this! vP


Amazing PACKED Home in North Bergen 10/2013:  

DOLLS, Figurines, and more Dolls!! oh my!

I must preface this testimonial with the following: I never write testimonials for products or services. But in the case of Vinylpiggy’s Estate Sales, I felt compelled to make an exception. Norah and her crew were absolutely a breath of fresh air in a sea of mediocrity. I had a monumental task with the sale of my parent’s estate. My Mother was a “collector” and the house was filled with lots of stuff. Nora assured me that she would take care of everything and not to worry.


I am happy to report that everything Norah told me was true, and the sale went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Vinylpiggy if you are thinking of any type of sale. Everything was done in a professional manor and all promises were kept. That is something you do not always find.


Respectfully yours,

J. Moe

Thanks Moe!  Good luck to you and your family!! -vP

Amy and Joe from Ridgewood NJ (Moving sale, Mansion)

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 18:18:25 -0400
Subject: Thank you
From: ara****


Dear Norah,


Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did handling our Tag Sale.


We were amazed at your ability to sell literally EVERYTHING in the house.  Lots of people must follow your Tag Sales!


From the beginning, with your pricing of the items, to your setting up for the sale along with conducting the sale with your associates, everything was professionally and carefully done.


You left the house completely clean and we promptly received the monies.


Thanks again, for all your help.  We will definitely recommend you to family and friends.


Joseph and Amy Rattner

formerly of Ridgewood.


Rodney from Teaneck NJ (consignment of artwork in local house sale):


From: rodney1010***
Subject: Referral
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 14:26:17 -0400

Hi Norah, Just wanted to thank you for all your great work on my behalf and especially my Mom. You very quickly took an impossible task in attempting to liquidate our house in a month and move, and turned it into  an expeditious, bearable and fruitful endeavor.  I particularly appreciated your sincerity and professionalism.  In addition, your ability to place me in contact with a network of people to also assist in moving and purchasing household items was extremely  helpful.
With your assistance, I was able to obtain some financial benefit for much of the valuable items in the house that I may have had to throw away or give away.  Thank you so much.
Mom and I are doing well in California. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Thanks again.

re Englewood Cliffs, Teardown/Demo, one day "vP Quickie" sale 10/04/2013:


On Oct 5, 2013, at 7:47 AM, Steve Braverman wrote:


Thanks so much, Norah.


You were truly a pleasure to work with!  You made everything so easy and everything went flawlessly!  I would certainly strongly endorse you and your business to anyone who is looking for a professional yet easy and fun way to help unwanted “treasures” find a new home ; )


Best of luck with all your future endeavors!





Steve Braverman | Executive Managing Director

Pathstone Family Office, LLC

1 Bridge Plaza N | Suite 550 | Fort Lee, NJ 07024

re Upper Saddle River "Quickie" Sale 9/10/2013 (3 days 'til closing, and $2600 for a 1980+ Toyota Corolla... wow!!!)

To whom it may concern


My elderly Mother recently put her home of 50 years up for sale.  The home sold within 3 days.  My Mother was going into Independent/Assisted living residence, it was a stressful time.  The Realtor referred us to Ms Norah Nelson to assist us in getting everything sorted for estate sale and moving everything out of the home.  Ms Nelson was very professional and prompt, she met with us and explained everything to us. She handled so many tasks.  We highly recommend her for your needs.


Thank you, Janice! -vP

Upper Saddle River "Quickie Sale"


April 12, 2012                                via email 


Norah Nelson                                Re: Estate Sale

Vinyl Piggy’s LLC




Dear Norah:


I cannot thank you enough for helping me to downsize and liquidate the contents of my house. It was a huge undertaking for which you more than rose to the occasion and took care of so deftly! I was so overwhelmed both physically and emotionally and you took all of the stress and worry of that off my shoulders.


No words can express the gratitude that I have for all that you did. God bless you and good luck in the future with your business. I will not hesitate to refer your services to all who need it!


Thank you again very much for all you did.



Janet DiGangi

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to make a wholehearted recommendation of Ms. Norah Nelson and her firm, VinylPiggys LLC. Norah conducted a tag sale for my 91-year old mother at my mother's home in Ridgewood during the weekend of September 28-30, 2012. My mother had accumulated a tremendous amount of belongings over the years; I felt overwhelmed and not optimistic that it could be sorted through and made presentable in a short period of time. Yet Norah and her staff accomplished just that, displaying a level of courtesy, professionalism and experience that was most impressive, and conducting a successful sale. In many ways, Norah went the extra mile, making extra trips to my mother's new home in Midland Park in order to bring her items and paperwork, and dealing firmly but gracefully with a difficult situation involving family members still living at my mother's home.


I found Norah to be most fair and honest and would not hesitate to hire her and her firm again if the situation were to arise.


Gregory J. Chiara

Norah, 03/30/11

I just wanted to say thanks for a successful estate sale. Based on my Dad’s house contents,

I didn’t think we had enough inventory to make it worthwhile for my family, or for an Estate

Sale representative. After your initial visit, you told me that you were confident that it would be

profitable, and we may be surprised at the amount of items that would sell. Thanks to your

expertise and tremendous client base, we had a great sale. I think part of this alliance is that

you respect your customers wishes, and also to the fact that you have a positive outlook. You

put a personal spin on our merchandise where possible. I think the customers felt connected to

the home, and its history, which helped sell our personal items. You staged items where they

would be be most noticeable, and added humor where possible(I loved the ‘ free’ toilet paper

sign on our antique child’s toilet trainer!)

You came through on everything you committed to, which included internet and paper

advertising, setup, client base communication and communications with local ordinances.

Thanks again to a great sale, and let me know if you need a reference for future sales.



Jeff Yeager

Jeff Yeager

Senior Project Manager - Technology, PMP



My response:  



Thank you for your kind words!  I think you can thank yourselves as well for the success of your sale, because it was in part your direction and clarity in setting up the house to begin with, and also, even more importantly, leaving things where they belonged instead of trying to Fix everything that added to the appeal of the house and contents.  So many people try to 'clean up' and in doing so throw away potential cash.  Thank you for listening to me and putting up with me!!  Please keep me in mind in the future and mention me to your friends and neighbors, since my best advertising is word of mouth from my previous customers.  As John Cleese said in Fawlty Towers... 'ah, another satisfied customer... we should have him stuffed!!"  :)  n  

Hi Norah,                           1/28/2018


Just wanted to thank you for all your help on the estate sale of my Dad’s house at xx country club road in Tenafly. 

Great job by you and Mike Love (awesome job in cleaning everything out) to get us ready to close on Tuesday.


Thanks Again!


Hall and Suzanne

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