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35-40% commission is the going rate in this biz, anybody doing it for less has less workers (and less coverage), less customers (we have over 2000  people that we contact every week, updated and revised on Constant Contact so not just a stale email list), and the folks that do this for a lower percentage usually ask for a minimum amount regardless of what they make, usually $1500 or more, and they charge for extra labour and other costs, and many do not even have contracts.  We don't charge minimums, and we get paid on only what we make you, and normal labor costs are our responsibility.

Why Do I pay for Advertisment?  

Customer pays for the Record advertising (usually ard $85-$120), but not until the end of the sale.  We put it up on,,,, and, and on occasion, ebay.  The sellers that don't have a solid customer base have to rely only on and other free services, and they don't have the same coverage or visibility as we do. 


More People Watching= More Buyers= More Money!

What do you do to keep my home SECURE?  

We do everything humanly possible to ensure the safety (!) and security of your home and contents.  We have professional workers who are trained how to handle situations and watch people so that situations don't occur.  Having said that, stuff happens.  Anybody who doesn't acknowledge that there is a possibility of theft is not being honest with you.  In our 10 years of sales, we had just one problem and that was resolved (a customer took a lawn ornament out to his car without paying and my outside guy followed him to his car and get the money from him, much to the amusement of the other folks standing on line).  We're good at what we do, but we're realistic too.  Our responsibility is to minimize the drama and protect the integrity of your home and items.  Our business is based on referrals and customer satisfaction, so a satisfied customer is good for business.

Why do I need Insurance on my home?  


Vinylpiggy's LLC does have LIABILITY Insurance.  Due to the high premiums of insurance in this area, you'll find that very few of the tagsale people that you talk to will have proof of insurance/bonding, but since we're in this business for the long haul, WE ARE NOW INSURED!!  Yeah!  Because we are under contract with you, we verify that the home owner has insurance as well.  

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