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If you're in the Bergen County NJ area or in the nearby Passaic County area, and you have either single items or whole collections for sale, or if you just have so much clutter that you can't make heads or tails out of your house, call me!!   I've been organizing and consolidating for folks who are moving, downsizing, and just plain purging. 

  • No initial consult fee!
  • No minimum fee or upfront costs!
  • We get paid on what we do for you.

With over 2500 folks on our mailing lists and over 10 years of happy customers, we can help you, whatever the forum... whether it's a whole house sale, or just finding the right buyers for your treasures.   I also sell larger items, like cars, pianos, boats, trailers, etc..  Everybody can use cash in this economy, and contrary to popular belief, sales are still pretty strong, since everybody's looking for deals.  I also list on CRAIGSLIST, YOUTUBE, ONETRUEMEDIA, ESTATESALES.NET, and local newspapers, and have a network of dealers who specialize in just about everything!

Contact us and let us help

simplify your life!



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